The fierce battle of kamma vs kamma in AP..!?

- 8 assembly and 1 parliament seats are contested by both sides.

- 9 kamma leaders from YCP.

- Jagan who cut heavily for kamma seats.

Election fever in ap is not normal. The day of nominations has gained momentum. Caste-wise constituencies, in which caste are contesting in which constituency. Who will win? That is of course interesting. It is in this order that the kamma social class, which is politically important in ap, naturally contests in how many seats. Jagan is cutting seats for the kamma category in various equations. This time Jagan has given only 9 assembly seats. vijayawada has allotted only one parliamentary seat.

In total, 9 constituencies are contested on behalf of Kutami and YCP on both sides. That means only kamma will win in these 9 places. It has 8 assembly and 1 parliament Constituencies. In terms of YCP assembly seats, MLA seats were given to 9 people. On behalf of the alliance, a total of 36 kamma leaders got mla seats. Now let's see the 9 constituencies where kamma leaders are contesting.

These are the assembly seats where both sides are contesting...

1) visakha East:

Velagapudi ramakrishna Babu (TDP) - MVV Satyanarayana (YCP)

In visakha East, the tdp has won the last three elections in a row by fielding velagapudi ramakrishna Babu, who scored a hat-trick. ycp has experimented this time. Earlier they thought to give it to BCs, kamma leader MVV who is visakha MP. Satyanarayana was brought into the ring. It is said that even though there is a close fight here, tdp has a slight edge.

2) Dendulur:

Chintamaneni prabhakar Rao (TDP) - Kotharu Abbaiah Chaudhary (YCP)

In Denduluru, tdp mass leader and tiger chintamaneni Prabhakar is contesting for the fourth time in a row. Sitting mla Kotharu Abbaiah Chaudhary from ycp is contesting for the second time. This time there will be a fierce battle here.

3) Gudivada:

Venigandla Ramu (TDP) - Kodali nani (YCP)

There is always a battle of kammas in the temple. But the sitting mla of ycp faced a new opponent in the form of Venigandla Ramu.

4) vijayawada East:

Gadde Rammohan (TDP) - devineni avinash (YCP)

Avinash is going to clash with senior leader and tdp sitting mla Gadde Rammohan in vijayawada East, ycp junior Devine. Both are kamma leaders. Gadde has already won here twice in a row. avinash is eager to taste his first victory in the legislature. 

5) Gannavaram:

Yarlagadda venkatarao (TDP) - Vallabhaneni Vamsimohan (YCP)

Vallabhaneni Vamsi, who won twice consecutively from tdp in Gannavaram, is contesting from ycp this time. There is a talk that no matter what the competition is, victory is inevitable.

6) Tenali:

Nadendla Manohar (Jana Sena) - Annabathuni Shivakumar (YCP)

Tenali is the seat contested by the Jana Sena kamma leader on behalf of the alliance. nadendla manohar, who has won twice in the past, is contesting from janasena this time. Sitting mla Shivakumar is contesting from ycp for the third time. Manohar's victory here is not difficult if the alliance is united.

7) Vinukonda:

creature Anjaneyus (TDP) - bolla brahmanaidu (YCP)

In Vinukonda there is always a war of kammas. Old rivals bolla brahmanaidu are contesting from ycp and Jeevi Anjaneyu from TDP. Jeevi's continuous presence in the crowd, all this points towards Jeevi's victory here.

8) Pedakurapada:

Bhashyam Praveen (TDP) - Nambur shankar Rao (YCP)

If sitting Shankar Rao is contesting from ycp here. tdp has given a seat to new leader and youth Bhashyam Praveen. There is bound to be a fierce fight between the two.

And where there are 8 members of ycp, there are also members from TDP. Only in tenali is nadendla manohar contesting from Janasena. Additionally, ycp has given a seat to karan Venkatesh.

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