PM Modi - Consecration of life in Shri ram temple...

In the year 2024, when the date of consecration of the idol of ram Lalla in the Shri ram temple in ayodhya was fixed, PM Modi decided to observe a special fast and ritual for him. During this, he visited and worshiped in many temples. Which included three famous temples of tamil Nadu, Ranganatha temple at Srirangam, ramanathaswamy temple at Rameshwaram, and Kodandaram temple at Dhanushkodi. All these temples are considered to be related to Lord Rama. In a way, this was an attempt to establish the spiritual connection between North and South india in the public mind.

When Bharat Ratna was announced in february 2014, the name of agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan, the pioneer of the agricultural revolution in india and a scientist of tamil origin, was also there. There can hardly be any doubt that swaminathan deserves this honor, but like other names, the selection of his name was not a mere coincidence. It contained the message of respect for tamil talent.

Political analysts have repeatedly pointed out that since the election was announced in March, PM Modi has visited tamil Nadu seven times in two months. That is, PM Modi was not only developing an emotional connection with the tamil people for the last several years but was also making his place among them by getting down to the ground.

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