Observers in tamil Nadu - BJP's vote percentage...

Most of the observers in tamil Nadu believe that even if bjp does not win double-digit lok sabha seats in the state, a huge jump in its vote percentage is certain. In the 2019 lok sabha elections, when bjp contested the elections in alliance with ADMK, it got 3.66 percent votes. This time, state bjp president annamalai has claimed that his party will get around 35 percent of votes, while election strategists like prashant kishore believe that bjp can get votes in double digits. Contrary to BJP's claims, most analysts in tamil Nadu believe that bjp can win a maximum of 7 seats in the state. Getting more seats than this would mean that the Modi wave from karnataka has reached tamil Nadu.

However, more experts also believe that the emphasis that bjp has put on tamil Nadu, the way PM Modi has promoted annamalai, is more a preparation for the 2026 assembly than for the 2024 Lok Sabha. This is the reason why the bjp contested the elections separately from ADMK, even though it is undoubtedly the second-largest party in the state and an old partner of the BJP.

There is no doubt that when bjp contests in tamil Nadu in the next assembly, it will have an emotional connect with the tamil people, ground class, and a young energetic leader, who will be fully prepared to fill the void left by the demise of former cm Jayalalitha.

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