Impression of Corruption on Gummanur Jayaram..!?

-Impression of corruption was on Gummanur Jayaram.

-Jagan decided not to give him a ticket.

-criticized Gummanur jayaram as the most corrupt minister.

Gummanur jayaram is the leader of the Boya social class who started his reign from Praja Rajyam. At that time, he contested on behalf of praja rajyam from alur and lost. After that, he joined YCP. He won for the first time from ycp in 2014. After that in 2019, Gummanur jayaram won from ycp for the second time. This time he became a minister. But after becoming a minister, the impression of corruption was on him. major newspaper known as Yellow Media has published many articles on his corruption. That is why jagan did not believe that even if he was a minister in Jagan's government, he would win if he was given the ticket again. That's why jagan decided not to give him a ticket. Given the unpopularity of Gummanur Jayaram, it was thought to contest the kurnool Parliament instead of the Assembly.

On knowing that matter, Gummanur jayaram woke up immediately. Contacted TDP. But there is no ticket space. It is said that Gummanur Jayaram, who wanted to get the tdp ticket anyway, got the tdp Guntakallu ticket through revanth reddy, who told his brother Nagendra, congress MLA and minister of Bellary. For the last five years, they have criticized Gummanuru jayaram as the most corrupt minister. But the situation is not so easy for Gummanuru Jayaram. Guntakallu did not get much cooperation from the local tdp cadre. In addition to this, Venkatrami reddy is also a strong leader. 

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