It is known that after coming to power, jagan paid special attention mainly to education. jagan has completely changed the government schools where poor children study. english medium schools have been introduced. jagan Mohan reddy has undertaken changes that was never seen before. Now the people of North Andhra are talking about the same thing.

As part of the andhra pradesh election campaign, it is known to all that the political parties and governments are talking about the development they have made. people know the facts. However, the candidates who went to the campaign explain to people about the development. It is rare to explain the good things that have happened to them and the lives of the students under YSRCP's government. BYCP's popularity increases in North Andhra.

In short, it should be said that the ycp government has really initiated revolutionary changes in the education system. That is why the ycp candidate Botsa jhansi in visakha parliamentary constituency is talking about Jagananna's education schemes wherever he goes. Moreover, they are going door to door and asking about Jagananna's welfare schemes by name. The parents of the students who are responding on this occasion are very happy that their children are studying well because of Jagananna's kindness.

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