In the past, Mahasena Rajesh found himself thrust into the political spotlight when he was given the gannavaram ticket as a tdp candidate through an accidental alliance. However, a sudden turn of events led him to announce his resignation from the seat on social media, sparking uproar among tdp and janasena leaders. Rajesh, once seen as a hero, now finds himself relegated to a mere pawn on the political chessboard, his voice drowned out by the cacophony of political manoeuvring.
Rajesh's disillusionment with the system, particularly caste politics, is palpable as he struggles to make his voice heard in society. Despite his efforts to champion his social class, he feels side lined and silenced. Unlike other leaders who speak through proxies, Rajesh is known for his directness, but even his outspokenness seems to have waned recently.

Meanwhile, figures like anusha Undavalli, who actively work towards their social agendas, are gaining recognition. The abrupt reversal of Rajesh's candidacy—from being endorsed by the tdp to being discarded like a broken tool—raises questions about his allegiance and intentions. Speculation abounds regarding his diminished presence in various constituencies, leaving observers curious about how both Rajesh and the telugu desam party will address these concerns.

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