The ongoing elections in andhra pradesh witness a heated battle primarily between the tdp alliance and the YCP, with the congress party surprisingly making a significant appearance. A notable contender in the fray is Amanchi Krishnamohan, who has a history of political involvement. 

Beginning his journey under Konjeti Rosaya's mentorship, Krishnamohan secured victory in 2009 under the congress banner. Subsequently, he won as an independent candidate in 2014 but faced defeat in 2019 under the YCP. Despite his setback, he remained active in the constituency, briefly serving as Parchur Constituency's in-charge before his disillusionment led him to part ways with the YCP.

Now, Krishnamohan has returned to the political forefront, representing the congress party in the Cheerala constituency. His decision to align with Congress, under Sharmila's leadership, follows a series of deliberations with former party colleagues. The dynamics of the Chiras constituency reflect a three-way contest, with Krishnamohan facing off against Malakondaiah Yadav of the tdp and karanam venkatesh of the YCP. 

While venkatesh and Malakondaiah are emerging figures, Krishnamohan's deep-rooted connection with the local populace and his track record of electoral victories make him a formidable contender. Analysts predict that Krishnamohan's familiarity with the electorate and his enduring popularity will likely secure his victory in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the significance of people-centric politics over party affiliations in the region.

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