CM Bhajan Lal Sharma gave these mantras to the workers…

BJP is on alert after low voting in the first phase of lok sabha elections in Rajasthan. In the same sequence, on wednesday (April 24), rajasthan Chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma said in the Booth Vijay Sankalp meeting held at the bjp district office in Bhilwara that the most important link of the bharatiya janata party is the booth president and shakti Kendra coordinator. He said, “They have the responsibility of looking after their respective booths and power centers. It is the responsibility of them to strengthen the booth by removing each of its weaknesses. They do the work of evicting each voter from his house. Today all such workers are sitting in front of the stage.

Referring to the upcoming lok sabha elections, Bhajan Lal Sharma said that this election is a test of the workers which everyone has to pass. All the workers have to devote their entire time to this, contact till the last mile and create an atmosphere in favor of BJP. The responsibility of management up to the booth level rests with all of us.

'Eye on the worker'

He said that all the workers are under the surveillance of the cameras. The workers working in the party are also assessed as well as the workers who do not work. Therefore, all the workers have to unite and prepare a special strategy in the remaining time of the elections and gear up to win their respective booths with a big margin. We have to wake up early in the morning on election day, pick up the polling agents at 5 o'clock, and send them to the polling booth by 6 o'clock. Staying there till the end of voting is a responsible task, which we have to fulfill.

Talking about the work of the bjp government in the state, he said that we have completed 45 percent of the resolutions in our manifesto in just 90 days. We have prepared such a plan in the name of water and electricity this year, in the coming time no corner of the state will be deprived of water. ERCP, yamuna Water Treaty, mahi Dam, and indira gandhi Canal work, all this is the results of 90 90-day action plan. All these and in the coming three years we will make such a system that whenever the farmer asks for it, he will get electricity.

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