Kalyandurgam holds significant electoral importance within Anantapur district, having witnessed victories for tdp in 2014 and ysr congress party in 2019. In the current assembly elections, the competition is intense with notable candidates vying for the seat. Talari Rangaiah, a former Anantapur mp representing the bc social class, stands as a prominent contender from the YCP. 

On the other hand, Amilineni Surendra Babu, a well-known contractor affiliated with the kamma social class, represents tdp, chosen over other senior party members. His financial prowess and longstanding presence in the constituency bolster his candidacy. The campaign narratives diverge, with Rangaiah placing his faith in government schemes and aligning himself with Jagan's vision. 

Conversely, tdp emphasizes Babu's financial independence and dedication to addressing local issues. Observers note a constant battle between the two parties, with both leaders contesting for the first time in Kalyandurgam. Financial stability emerges as a significant factor, with Babu's substantial resources potentially reducing reliance on government support for serving constituents.

Both contenders are newcomers to the Kalyanadurgam constituency, intensifying their efforts to secure victory. Observers anticipate a fiercely contested battle, with financial resources and candidate determination driving the campaign dynamics. The outcome of this electoral clash is uncertain, with both sides poised for a persistent struggle to sway voters in their favour.

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