The upcoming general elections in andhra pradesh hold significant importance for both the ycp and tdp, especially in the tuni area of kakinada district. Here, a notable conflict has emerged between minister Dashetty raja and the family of Yanamala Ramakrishna, a former tdp minister and senior leader. The Yanamala family's internal differences have escalated, particularly as Ramakrishna's brother, Krishna, faced consecutive defeats in the last two elections.

In a significant shift, instead of Krishna, the tdp has nominated Ramakrishna's daughter, divya, as their mla candidate for Tuni. However, krishna is reportedly unhappy with this decision and is reluctant to cooperate with her candidacy. Speculation suggests that Krishna, in touch with ycp leaders, may be considering joining the party.

Meanwhile, it appears that the ycp has already made overtures to mla Daissetty raja of Tuni. Consequently, there are indications that krishna may soon align himself with the YCP. The political landscape in tuni has been tumultuous for over a decade, with reports suggesting that internal familial dynamics, particularly involving Krishna, contributed to Ramakrishna's political setbacks.

In response, tdp leader Chandrababu Naidu's decision to field divya as the mla candidate from Tuni is seen as an attempt to rejuvenate the party's prospects. However, Krishna's potential defection to the YCP poses a challenge to TDP's strategy in the region. The unfolding political developments following Krishna's potential switch will be closely monitored, as they have the potential to significantly impact the electoral landscape in Tuni.

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