China could be snooping on numerous countries...

China's dual strategy is causing concern for the whole world. china has been intimidating its neighbors in both land and marine domains. Tension has long existed between china and India. china makes an effort to provoke once a month. china has released a map with a new name for Arunachal Pradesh. Three Chinese ships are now in the indian Ocean conducting research. Very little information is released officially in China. When information does surface, it usually comes from the local media or the Communist Party.

On these ships, there is uncertainty

The kind of hydrography surveys that these ships are utilized for has led to some skepticism, based on information that has been received from foreign media sources. The wider picture must be considered in light of this. The Indo-Pacific region stretches from the Pacific Ocean's African coast to the west coast of North America. A lot of things are done in it. This is a highly sensitive sector in terms of trade and security. These are the regions where china is well-stocked and has established infrastructure. On Coco Island in Myanmar, which is close to the andaman and Nicobar Islands, india has also placed survey equipment. djibouti is home to China's own naval facility. It is really concerning how the South china Sea wars are still being fought. china and many other nations have overlapping claims to the border.

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