The voting process was completed in two telugu states yesterday.. But in telangana everything is normal but in andhra pradesh even though the voting is over, there are still clashes in many areas. A few hours ago there was a ruckus in the Palnadu constituency, but now it seems that there has been another attack between the tdp and ycp leaders in the tirupati chandragiri constituency. For this reason, the police have also made strong arrangements in many areas. After the end of polling, they started moving the EVM machines to strong rooms in many places.

However, at this time chandragiri tdp mla candidate Pulaparthi nani also inspected the strong room set up at Padmavati University.. But while returning later, it seems that ycp activists attacked him one by one with stones and sticks.. As a result, his car was reportedly destroyed on the spot. But it is reported that those who were with him then turned around and left the place.

After that, tdp women leaders staged a sit-in on the road in front of the university and protested against the attack on Kulaparthi Nani. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and tried to rectify the situation.. However, the police are still inquiring whether anyone was injured in the ycp attack.. Similar situations were seen on the day of voting. It can be said that this time the elections are leading to more and more trouble, especially in the past.

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