Assembly elections in andhra pradesh state were completed on May 13. The election ended amid some controversy. But analysts have looked closely at the voting pattern to determine who will win in key constituencies. According to them ycp will definitely win in some seats this time. One of them is Punganur. Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy contested as an mla candidate from ycp in this constituency. Chances of him winning this time also are high.

Challa Ramachandra reddy from TDP, Bode Ramachandra Yadav from Bharat chaitanya Yojana party and Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy from ycp contested in punganur this time. It is remarkable that Ramachandra is common among all the names. But Chandrababu fielded Bode Ramachandra Yadav in this constituency and caused a lot of trouble to Peddireddy. Ramachandra Yadav roamed around the constituency expecting huge sums of money to attract people to him. Peddireddy is a bully, he asked to vote for him if he wants to be freed from anarchy.

  He said that he will develop punganur well and that he is not a Naizam who robs like Peddireddy. He gave money to the people of that constituency and tried to gain a reputation as a leader with a heart. A bumper offer was also announced that every farmer would be given a dairy cow. Also, the police officers working in favor of Peddireddy were transferred there. punganur has become a troubled area due to many quarrels. The efforts made by Bode Ramachandra Yadav under the direction of Chandrababu are not all.

However, it seems that no matter what Chandrababu did, his pulse was not cooked. According to the voting pattern, most of the votes have gone to Peddireddy. It was publicized that Ramachandra Yadav had been exposed before Peddireddy in the matter of distribution of vote money, and it was here that Peddireddy was able to turn the people who were hurting him badly to his side. Based on that, it was as if Naidu said Abba to Peddireddy's blow. This time he will win from this key constituency.

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