The general elections in andhra pradesh have recently concluded.. The election officer has officially informed that the voting percentage has reached 80.66 percent. Clashes between ycp and tdp ranks are still going on in many areas. Now a recent incident in Anantapur district is making everyone very sad. A thug killed his mother-in-law because she voted for YSRCP party.. Let's know about this incident completely.

Vadde Venkateshwar, who hails from Uparapalli in Kambadur mandal of Anantapur district, has been in the tdp party for the past few years. But after her mother Sunkamma said that she had voted for the party that did good to her, her son Venkateshwar came drunk and hit his mother on the head with an iron rod, and she died on the spot. Special measures are being taken.. but the people there are also surprised to know about this.

With this the ycp leaders are also giving instructions to the police saying that such evildoers should be punished very severely.. Already in many areas there is a fierce fight between the tdp and ycp factions.. Especially in Tadipatri area, it seems that the police also used tear gas. And in the coming days, the authorities are deploying forces to further reduce these by the time the voting results are out. But this great thing that happened in Anantapur is making us angry at once.

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