YCP leader Kangati sridevi contested as mla from pattikonda constituency this time. Having won with a huge majority in 2019, the leadership of ycp gave her the opportunity to contest in that constituency this time as well. The main reason for this is that sridevi has gained a very good name among the people of Patikonda. He came close to the people by doing good development work. All the people were well satisfied with her rule. The voter turnout in kurnool is around 80%. Mostly women and old people exercised the right to vote for the rural people. As all of them are in favor of ycp, it seems that sridevi has a definite chance of winning this time.

The people of this constituency have already made it clear that they will always support her. Political analysts say without a doubt that her victory is certain even depending on the voting pattern. Considering all these things, it is understood that she will win again in 2024 assembly elections. KE shyam Kumar from tdp alliance contested against Sridevi. His chances of winning as an mla candidate in pattikonda constituency are almost zero. sridevi contested against KE Shyambabu as ycp candidate in 2019.

  At that time, she scored a huge victory with a majority of 42,065 votes. With this victory, she became the first time MLA. people made good use of that opportunity and did many good things in the last five years. Dudekonda and Kothapally bridge construction has facilitated public transport. people seem to strongly believe that if she comes again, the constituency will develop further. Also, even if they see jagan and cast their votes, they will also be in thousands.

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