It is noteworthy that Dhone is also one of the constituencies that has been discussed a lot in recent times. Everyone thought it would be a tough fight as Kotla surya reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>prakash reddy contested on behalf of Kotami and buggana rajendranath reddy on behalf of YCP. But it seems that the situation has changed by the time of the election and Buggana's victory is certain. Information is being received that the distribution of notes for voting has also been well received by Buggana.
It seems that while YCP's hopes of winning in the Dhone constituency are alive, the alliance has given up hope. Information is being received that ycp has not returned to Don. Bhogatta said that buggana Rajendranath has worked hard for the development of the constituency and that hard work will be a plus for him. The comments show that kurnool will be the district that will give majority seats to ycp in this election.
It seems that there is no need for any doubts in this matter. It is noteworthy that there is a campaign going on in the political circles that the rural people mainly believe in buggana, but there are chances of buggana getting a majority in this election beyond the 2019 majority. Locals here think that buggana is sure to achieve a hat-trick by winning this election.
Being always available to the local people and giving priority to solving people's problems is also a boon for buggana, according to netizens. people of Don say that only if there is a leader like buggana, Dhone will develop rapidly. If buggana wins as an mla and ycp comes to power in the state, it can be said that there will be a better chance for the people of Dhone. It is heard in the political circles that jagan has also given many key promises for the development of the Dhone constituency.

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