People are eagerly waiting to see which party will win as 80 percent polling has been recorded which is unprecedented in history. minister Ambati criticized the actions of tdp in a media conference held at the YSRCP party office in the Sattenapalli constituency. Reacting to the polling held yesterday, he said that the desire to make YS jagan cm once again was seen among the voters. 

The elderly and the disabled voted in large numbers. He said that the increase in polling percentage means positive voting. He said that jagan worked for women's empowerment. He said that it was due to cm Jagan's efforts that women came in large numbers. The polling percentage recorded in the elections almost determines the victory and defeat. 

Meanwhile, the respective parties claim that employees, workers, middle class, upper middle class, Kapu, and kamma caste voters voted for Gampa Guttaga Kutama. However, ycp claims that voters of BC, SC, ST, Muslim, and reddy social groups, and those who took welfare schemes supported them. He said that the party has provided welfare to all irrespective of castes, parties, and regions for five years. If this is true then it can be said that the support of the voters is for YCP. Ambati said that in this election, there was a sense of vibrancy among the voters across the state.

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