Devendra fadnavis said, 'No deal was done'...?

There is a lot of excitement regarding the lok sabha elections in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, ABP news has organized a special program called Summit to know the mood of the leaders. deputy chief minister and senior bjp leader devendra fadnavis, who attended this special event, responded to the allegations of the opposition parties. He responded to the allegations of corruption against leaders like maharashtra deputy cm and ncp leader Ajit Pawar, former cm ashok Chavan. He said that no deal has been made for this. ashok chavan had recently left congress and joined BJP.

Fadnavis said, “Opposition parties keep taunting us. Some people have definitely come with us, against whom there are cases. I say very clearly that we have not made any deal. If a case is filed against someone, it will continue. We have made political alliances, we have to live in reality. Of course, we have made allegations against those who have spoken, but we again say that we have not made any deal.

Senior bjp leader devendra fadnavis said that two parties have come with us. We are running the government with them. There is no question that we have taken him into the party. The law will take its course. On the allegations leveled against Ajit Pawar, fadnavis said, "The whole issue started in 2009. We used to make allegations till 2013. The government of that time started an investigation. At that time many officers were found guilty and were punished. It's been 15 years. The names of those with whom we are standing have not appeared in the charge sheet. There was definitely a flaw that you were a minister so it was your responsibility. This should not have happened under your leadership. If we had not talked, would the issue of corruption have come to light? So many people go to jail? We had leveled allegations against these people because they were the heads of that department. Whether he was involved or not, it is the job of the investigating agencies to see.

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