If we look at some constituencies in the state, interesting things are coming to light. Here, it seems that the tdp and ycp leaders conflict. While some of them are saying it outwardly, some leaders are cringing inwardly. So, there are several calculations and theories on who's winning and who's giving up already.

Minister Roja's comments are adding strength to YCP. However, she is not the only one to come out. Many leaders are making similar comments in internal meetings. Roja openly criticized that KJ Kumar was in ycp and campaigned votes for TDP. minister Narayana Swamy also made similar comments. He said that his own people betrayed him. His daughter Krupa lakshmi Gangadhara is contesting from the nellore constituency. He said that she did not get the right votes. The reason for this is because of their party.

We saw a similar situation in tiruvuru too. Kolikapudi Srinivasa Rao, who contested on behalf of tdp from here, also expressed the same opinion in internal meetings. There is a campaign going on in the tdp circles where he said that Chandrababu had trusted him and given him the ticket. But his cadre deceived him. Former union minister and eminent industrialist sujana Chowdhury, who had met tdp leaders during the election campaign, was given a hand by his brothers at the last minute.

Similarly, hearing the same thing in pithapuram too. Here two sections have split in tdp itself. One class was in favor of Verma and the other was on the side of Pawan. But, a week before the polling of the elections, the second class was separated. With this, Pawan's alliance has won. Senior leader Kottu Satyanarayana of tadepalli Gudem, who is on behalf of the ycp, has been facing increasing opposition within the ycp since the beginning. Despite all these internal conflicts who's going to win? We need to wait until june 4th!

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