The 2024 general elections in andhra pradesh ended on 13th May. But still, the fires are not extinguished in some places. Candidates are calling each other names and we can see violence as well. Some people are indiscriminately breaking into the houses and torturing the voters. It is known that this election is causing panic like never before. Meanwhile, on the other side, the ruling party is expressing happiness saying that they are going to come back to power again and saying that it is the victory of YSP.

It seems that ycp, which has become the stronghold of Anantapur in the last few years, is theirs again. While Anantha Venkatram reddy is contesting as ycp MLA candidate from Anantapur Urban, Daggubati Venkateswara prasad is contesting on behalf of TDP. He was not even supported in the campaigns. Moreover, since he was a new person, the chances of people voting for him were very low.

On the other hand, when it comes to Ananta Venkatrami reddy, he went and nominated hundreds of people in the nomination itself, and he is going to be crowned again. There are chances of Ananta Venkatrami reddy winning again in Anantapuram with a huge majority this time. Anantapuram Urban is already standing as a nickname for development. Wherever you look, the appearance of Anantapuram has completely changed. people are eager to vote again for Ananta Venkatram reddy, who has shaped Anantapuram at the city level. As a part of that, efforts are being made to bring him back to power.

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