Andhra Pradesh elections have been very interesting. This time polling was done at a record level. In this election, the issue of who gets more votes has become a hot topic among the people. But according to the survey conducted by india Herald, it is clear who will be the cm this time. In this election, the victory depends mainly on the number of seats which party gets in uttarandhra districts, because uttarandhra is very big. A highly developed area. Many educated people stay there. Famous places like visakha and vijayanagaram are located in Uttarandhra. But in uttarandhra, Srikakulam, vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam and anakapalle districts, except for Srikakulam, all the rest of the districts have polled more votes for ycp, according to the india Herald survey. In Srikakulam, however, it is known that tdp is slightly more favorable than YCP.

However, it is known that ycp scored well in terms of votes in Visakha, vizianagaram and anakapalle districts. An india Herald survey has shown that Botsa jhansi in Visakhapatnam, Botsa Satyanarayana in vizianagaram and Budi Mutyala Naidu in Anakapalli will definitely win. With this, it is clear that the tdp will be defeated by the ycp in Uttar Andhra. Also, in some key constituencies in andhra pradesh, there are strong comments that the tdp party, which has been strong there for a long time, and the tdp candidates will definitely get a shock. With this, it is clear that jagan mohan reddy will definitely come to power in ap again. Moreover, women participated in polling more enthusiastically than men in this election. Because the good things done by cm YS jagan for women are not all.

It is known that every form of empowerment provided by him is proof of increase in polling percentage. In particular, the ycp received good votes by providing women with mother's lap, props, house rails, handcuffs etc. In this way, cm jagan mohan reddy has worked hard to provide financial self-reliance to women. Therefore ycp is getting super response from people now. Moreover, SC, ST, bc and minorities want to see YS jagan who has done so much good for them as cm again. Therefore, many analyzes are coming to the fore saying that jagan mohan reddy will win and become the CM.

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