Azam Khan Plea In HC

 Azam Khan and family no relief from HC, judge reserved the decision

Azam Khan Plea In HC: The appeal of Samajwadi party leader and former mp Azam Khan, wife Tanzeem Fatima and son Abdullah Azam was heard in the high court on Tuesday. The court reserved the decision.

Samajwadi party leader and former mp Azam Khan is currently in jail. His wife Tanzeem Fatima and son Abdullah are also in jail. All three are now expecting relief from the high court only. However, after hearing the arguments of both the parties, allahabad high court has reserved its decision. All three have filed an appeal in the allahabad high court against the seven-year sentence. In this case the arguments of both the parties have been completed. All three have appealed to the high court to cancel the sentence and grant them bail. The single bench of Justice Sanjay Kumar Singh has heard the case.

The case will be heard in a single bench

All three have been sentenced to 7 years in prison for possessing two birth certificates of Azam Khan's son Abdullah. Azam Khan's lawyers had presented their case in the High Court. On Tuesday, the government presented its side, after which the court reserved its decision. There are many cases registered against Azam's family which include money laundering, forcible land grabbing and many other serious crimes. On Tuesday, the lawyers of Uttar Pradesh government will present their side.

Case of corruption also for Jauhar University

A case is also going on against Azam Khan and his wife and son for corruption and misuse of government money for Jauhar University. Azam Khan is accused that the cleaning machines purchased with the municipality's money were used for Jauhar University. When the investigation started, those machines were buried underground somewhere inside the university campus. There is also a case going on in this matter whose bail plea will be heard on May 22.

Azam remained close to Mulayam Singh Yadav

Azam Khan was once considered closest to Mulayam Singh Yadav. When Mulayam was the Chief Minister, Azam Khan and his family were famous from Rampur to Lucknow. He was a cabinet minister even when akhilesh yadav was the CM. After the change of power in Uttar Pradesh, the troubles of Azam and his family increased and finally all three ended up behind bars.

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