Sanjay Dutt's whiskey Glenwalk made record breaking earnings

Jitin Merani, co-founder of The Glenwalk and director of Cartel Brothers, has recently disclosed this.

Many artists from the entertainment industry around the world are running liquor businesses. Many celebrities from hollywood to bollywood are earning well from liquor business. In such a situation, the company of 'Munnabhai' i.e. sanjay dutt, who started the whiskey business last June, has made record breaking earnings. He launched his own Scotch whiskey brand.

Last year, sanjay dutt launched the Scotch whiskey brand The Glenwalk. This brand was launched by Cartel and Brothers, in which the actor had invested a huge amount for this business. This company runs in partnership with Living Liquid, Drink Bar Academy and Morgan Beverages. In less than a year, Sanjay Dutt's Scotch whiskey brand The Glenwalk has done wonders. The right price of whiskey attracted people, due to which The Glenwalk achieved record-breaking profits.

So many bottles were sold in four months

According to media reports, 120,000 bottles of Glenwalk were sold in just four months. In Mumbai, thane and pune of maharashtra alone, this company had achieved 18% market share within three months. The Glenwalk aims to sell 2.8 million bottles in the next financial year. Moksh Sani, founder of Living, said, “Glenwalk has the potential to be a premium yet affordable Scotch whiskey in the rapidly growing indian market, which is why it is poised for further success. We will perform well in the market, for which many plans are being made. Along with this, he said that in the coming days, Glenwalk will be expanded to many more states including Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, karnataka and Telangana.

Know the price of one bottle

The price of a bottle of Glenwalk's whiskey is Rs 1,550 to Rs 1,600. It is worth noting that sanjay dutt had made several investments before investing in Alcobev startup, Cartel & Bros. Earlier he had bought 1 percent shares in Cyber media Limited. Cyber media Group runs about 12 media properties in the country. For information, let us tell you that sanjay dutt is not alone. Many other celebs have invested in the liquor industry. Actor danny denzongpa is the owner of Yuksom Breweries, based in Sikkim, which produces a variety of beers.

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