On Monday, Andhra Pradesh's election voting concluded. But there appears to be a great deal of worry among the contenders' leaders. There was a great deal of excitement about who was preferred this time around, and there was a high level of votes. However, the leaders of the party claim that their victory will be enormous. narasimha Rao, a senior journalist, brought up a point during both the most recent and earlier elections. 

Even though kcr lost control over his territory, he did not lose control over his district, Medak. In the elections of 2023, he also secured a majority of the district's seats. Jagan's native district is Kadapa. The ycp won most of the seats in the kadapa district even after the party lost power in 2014. However, Chandrababu was born and raised in the chittoor area. Even after assuming power in 1999 and 2014, Chandrababu was unable to seize control of those areas.
Congress gained nine seats in 1999. The YSP also secured eight seats in 2014. Analysts are also voicing the belief that chittoor district has rewritten the old tradition, according to senior journalist narasimha Rao. The leaders of the alliance are likewise concerned about their chances of winning power. According to the ruling party, Chandrababu's constituency will be taken over this time as well.

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