Amazing poll: The former CM's loss in the AP!

The ap has been experiencing a furious election campaign for the past six months. May 13 marked the conclusion of the campaign. Voters' right to vote was exercised in 175 assembly constituencies and 25 parliamentary seats as a result of the leaders' effective campaigning.

Voters came to the polls to cast their ballots. Seeing which party will win and which candidate will lose this close poll has gotten increasingly intriguing. Separate surveys were carried out by the ycp and the tdp alliance at the same time. 

Some responders to this survey predict the tdp will win, while others predict the ycp will win. Which party will win, though, is unclear. And he made it clear in this that if jagan takes over as chief minister once more, the ycp will win. 

However, there's another explanation for this—he's already carried out a few internal polls. It is known from this survey that he will retake his position of authority. It is currently known that the former cm is losing in ap as well. 

Chief minister Jaganmohan reddy is currently running for office in andhra pradesh, but two other previous CMs are also running this time. Kiran kiran kumar reddy is running from rajampet, whereas Chandrababu is running from Kuppam. There is currently a rumor circulating in ycp circles that a former cm is likely to lose. 

We have learned that a previous chief minister is not doing well in his own district. The leaders of the ycp have once again begun to double check if kiran kumar reddy is losing from rajampet or Chandrababu is losing from Kuppam. On june 4, let's see who wins and who loses.

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