In allagadda, the factional heartland of nandyala district, ancient groups clashed once more. After the elections, the unrest persisted. There are isolated cases occurring from time to time. There was another incident in allagadda recently. An attempt was made last night to kill Akhilapriya Nikhil, the bodyguard of the former tdp MLA. First, a car struck Nikhil. 

Following that, he was randomly struck with rods. Large-scale violence broke out during the ap poll. The Vaikapa and Telugudesam communities descended to Bahabahi. There was property destruction. If competing groups were fighting all over the place, in allagadda it was between two factions inside the same party. A rupture between the clans is expected to be caused by telugu Desam leader AV Subbareddy and former minister Bhuma Akhilapriya, who have turned into fire and salt while still in the same party.

Following the polls, the two parties that had been calm up until then began fighting, as instructed by the leader. Nikhil was employed as Akhila Priya's bodyguard, and an attempt was made to murder him. He lies among the dead in the hospital, his injuries severe. Akhilapriya believes that this is the work of AV Subbareddy's group. On the occasion of welcoming preparations for lokesh Yuvagalam Padayatra, both parties engaged in contests.

AV Subbareddy was attacked at that time by members of the Akhilapriya community. Then Nikhil touched AV Subbareddy while serving as Akhilapriya's bodyguard. AV Subbareddy too lost blood from his mouth when the Bhuma class attacked. While he was being beaten, bhuma akhila priya was present. She was also observed endangering the relatives of AV Subbareddy. Chief Chandrababu took this issue more seriously.

Both parties received stern reprimands after being called. He declared that such behavior would not be accepted if it occurred again. It has come to light that they have additionally threatened to resign from the party if neither of the two parties remains silent until after the elections. As a result, both parties ran their campaigns in complete silence. Recovering from the embarrassment, AV Subbareddy stood by to await his arrival. After the allagadda elections finished smoothly, Akhilapriyavargam is accusing Nikhil of attacking Nikhil out of uncontrollable rage.

After this attack, Nikhil suffered severe injuries and was brought to nandyala Government Hospital. It appears that his situation is critical. There is a talk in the community that Subbareddy's men might have done this out of resentment. people were holding their breath, hoping that this election would be different from the last one in Allagadda.They are now terrified again if they witness two leaders of the same party attacking simultaneously.

They are concerned about how far these attacks may spread. Following Nagireddy's passing, the families of Bhuma and AV Subbareddy, who had previously been close friends, parted ways. It appears that the transfer of benami properties and positions is the cause of the discrepancies.

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