Revanth Reddy who bombed ap elections...?

Telangana chief minister revanth reddy said that whoever comes to power in ap will stand in solidarity with them. They say it's just positive thinking. He said that there were no negative thoughts. He said that his whole world is Telangana. He said that his aim is to provide a 100-year plan. He recently clarified that after the regularization of mandals and revenue divisions in Telangana, districts will be formed after that.

Former cm KCR said that the districts were formed as per his wish. He said that Hyderabad, which has a population of one crore, and Vanaparthi, which has only one constituency, have been formed as a district. Special attention has been paid to Palamuru. He promised to complete the upcoming projects. For this reason, a special irrigation officer has been appointed in palamuru district. chief minister revanth reddy expressed confidence that the congress party will win 13 assembly seats in the lok sabha elections.

He said that the elections are over... now his focus is on the administration. He said the result would depend on how the BRS conducted the electionsSpeaking to the media recently, he said that the election can be predicted only if the leaders accept their votes. He expressed confidence that the congress would win the secunderabad Cantonment by-election with a majority of 20,000. He said that bjp will not even cross the majority of 210 seats in the country in the lok sabha elections. He said that he will do his best to lead the government from today. It has been explained that the focus will be on lending for the purchase of grain. He said that he will focus on the schools when the schools reopen. They said that they would take a loan for a loan waiver under FRBM. "Politics is over, now focus on public administration," he said. He said that he does not care what the opposition thinks. The opposition says that the congress government has not fully given to Rythubandhu.

They said that they will discuss this issue in the assembly and take a decision...or else they will form an all-party party. Revanth said that they will buy 9 types of products directly from the farmers and provide them directly to the people. They promised to provide good quality rice in the grocery store. He promised to provide affordable prices to the farmers and deliver them to the people. He said that what the state wants will happen. chief minister Revanth said that measures will be taken so that the farmers do not face any difficulties.

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