Why was the agreement reached despite American bullying?

According to a Mint report, America had prepared a policy regarding Chabahar in 2018. According to this, the exemption was given regarding some agreements with Iran. indian officials say that the statements given by America now are contrary to this. Former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal calls the American warning a hasty step. Sibal writes- This is an example of raw diplomacy. Will india not be in touch with America before the deal on Chabahar?

Strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellani writes - This is America's extremism, due to which it immediately issued a warning on the public platform. Chellani has also reposted a post on this issue, in which it is written that America is not ready to understand what the rest of the world is thinking about it.

What is the stand of china and pakistan on Chabahar?

There has been no comment from pakistan yet on the Chabahar Agreement, but pakistan considers this agreement a threat to itself. In 2016, Pakistan's Dawn newspaper made a report on this quoting experts. In this report, Defense Secretary Retired Lieutenant-General Asif Yasin Malik said – If this agreement happens, then it is dangerous for pakistan from the security point of view. I think after the agreement, pakistan will be isolated. china has also not issued any statement on this yet, but in 2016, China's official newspaper Global Times had written an editorial regarding this. According to this, india wants to reduce the political and economic influence of pakistan in this area through Chabahar.

India's reaction to America's warning

After the agreement on Chabahar, America has warned india of imposing sanctions. On behalf of india, Foreign minister S jaishankar has given a statement regarding this. According to jaishankar, America knows the importance of this agreement. He further said that I have seen some comments made by America, but I think it is a question of communicating and convincing people. I don't think people should take a narrow view of it.

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