Rules for putting up hoardings in Mumbai...

According to the official data of BMC, there are different rules for installing hoardings at every place. If we talk about highways like Ghatkopar, the accident area of mumbai, the lower part of the advertisement board should not come below the embankment of the wall of the flyover bridge. The upper edge of the hoarding should not be higher than the upper edge of the embankment wall of the flyover bridge.

Like other cities, in Mumbai too, permission from the Municipal Corporation is very important for putting up hoardings. Even if that hoarding is put up on private property. According to Municipal Corporation rules, only hoardings up to 40 by 40 square feet can be installed in Mumbai. Whereas the size of the hoarding that happened in Ghatkopar was 120 by 120 square feet. Before installing hoardings in this city, information about the drawing and weight of that display is sought from the contractor. After this, a structural audit of the place where the hoarding is to be installed is done to see whether it is suitable for installing the hoarding or not. According to Municipal Corporation rules, it is mandatory to conduct a structural audit of every hoarding in mumbai every two years.

What are the rules in the cities of UP-Bihar?

No hoardings can be erected in the right-of-way of National/State Highways and within 10 meters of the edge of the carriageway of National/State Highways. No hoarding shall be installed within 10 meters of the edge of the carriageway of roads other than those specified under this rule. There is a similar rule in the cities of bihar also.

Rules in Delhi

To control advertising through poster banners in Delhi, a law was passed by the assembly on 31 march 2008 and it got approval from the President on 17 january 2009. Under this rule, if illegal hoardings are put upaction will be taken against the people seen in it or the MD of the company where the hoarding is installed. There is also a provision for a fine of Rs 50,000 or a jail term of one year for putting up illegal hoardings.

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