YCP Vs TDP: How many votes have come from which caste?

• Caste votes have shifted mainly to YCP.

• Huge votes for ycp from bc, SC, and ST.

•YCP has an upper hand over tdp in votes.

The polling process for assembly and parliament elections in andhra pradesh has been completed with an unprecedented huge percentage. On May 13th, when the voting started at 7 o'clock in the morning. Thousands of Andhra state voters flocked to the polling booths and cast their votes. It must be said that there is a festive atmosphere in some polling booths with a fair of voters. When you see the voters at the polling booths, there is a lot of noise. The numbers at the polls are huge. women vote more than men. Voters especially in rural areas were seen coming to the polling stations from morning. Voters in the rural areas of andhra pradesh exercised their right to vote more enthusiastically than in the towns and urban areas of Andhra Pradesh. A survey conducted by the india Herald has shown that more votes went to the YCP. Caste votes are very important in politics. Now let's find out the percentage of votes cast by which party. Because they are the parties of the leaders of their own castes, it is natural that the votes fall.

And the Nayudas mostly gave almost 80 percent to Jana Sena and TDP. Another 20% of votes went to YCP. Also, the most important bc, SC, ST, and minority votes went well to YCP. Because there are more poor and middle-class people in those castes. It is known that 90% of the votes went to ycp because Jagan's good deeds for them are not so much. 90% of votes from the Mala caste went to YCP and the remaining 10% to TDP. 70% of Madiga caste votes went to ycp and 30% to TDP. The votes of some castes and Muslim minority castes in St, bc went to YCP while 30% went to the tdp alliance. Yadavs especially from BC voted heavily for YCP. According to the votes of ycp and tdp, ycp is ahead in the india Herald survey. So this time it is clear that ycp will win and jagan will become CM.

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