Jagan is the cm again..!? Not Babu..?

Andhra Pradesh politics is becoming a hot topic across the country. The two main political parties are facing each other not as rivals but as sworn enemies. Criticisms made against each other sometimes went to the level of insults. We have to wait till june 4 for the result. After that, the cm who won the state and the people of andhra pradesh will take oath. After that, the oath of the members of the assembly. It is known that two and a half years ago, telugu Desam leader Chandrababu expressed his grief in the full assembly and spoke angrily. But with the same anger, he also challenged the assembly. They vowed that they would enter the house as cm from now on. After that, in front of the media, he even shed tears while thinking about the humiliation of his family. Now if Chandrababu wins the election, his vow will be fulfilled. He will directly enter the assembly as CM. But if he is defeated, he will not see Chandrababu again in the assembly according to his challenge. That is why to win Janasena and bjp formed an alliance and competed hard. But I do not believe that I will win.

According to the recently released ec figures and a survey conducted by india Herald, women voted more than men in this election. That makes Babu shiver. Because Babu has become very negative towards women in the matter of Dwarka. May not win for that reason. They will definitely lose. In this election, YS jagan will become the cm for the second time in a row and receive his father's record. In 2017, when the tdp government was in power, jagan boycotted the assembly saying that if they go back to the past, they are suppressing their voice. None of the MLAs of that party actually went to the Legislative Assembly. After that, jagan Mohan reddy took up the padayatra. After gaining power through hard work, he asked in the assembly as the CM. They will win this time too. Because Jagan has done a lot of good for women and the weaker sections. people think that jagan is much better compared to Chandrababu. So jagan will definitely become cm and go to the Assembly. Rule the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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