YCP is going to ring the bell of victory..!?

- The caste that can influence the ap elections is Kapu.

-Jagan also gave priority to many Kapus in his party. 

-However, the party that gets more caste approval in society has a better chance of victory. 

Caste is not all that important in ap politics. ap is one of the states where votes are likely to be skewed especially based on caste. Not to mention the power struggle between the kamma and reddy castes in andhra pradesh politics for years. It is known that ycp has the reddy caste stamp and TDP has the kamma caste stamp in AP. No one can erase this seal. Especially in these two castes, the Kammas have been completely on the side of the tdp for decades. Although not at the level of the Kammalas, the Reddys are also on the side of the YCP. This time also the same pattern continued. However, as jagan gave some priority to the kamma leaders as well, it was learned by india Herald that the votes of the Kammas fell to the ycp in some places, though very little.

Apart from these two, the caste that can influence the ap elections is Kapu. It is a common assumption that Kapu will mostly be with Pawan Kalyan. Especially, many people thought that Kapu youth would be with Jana Sena. Although that is true to a large extent, jagan also gave priority to many Kapus in his party. In many places, the Kapulas themselves were brought to the competition. local kapu leaders have played a key role in such places. Because of this, it is not possible to say that the Kapu vote bank has gone completely towards the Janasena. Kapulu youth voted completely for the alliance. But because of Jagan's giving seats to the Kapus, the attitude of leaders like Mudragada, the senior citizens of the Kapus turned towards the YCP. This benefited ycp to some extent.

It can be said that SCs and STs, another key group, have completely turned towards YCP. Generally, these groups have been with congress since the beginning. YCP's bond with these communities increased due to the welfare schemes introduced after jagan became CM. This is further strengthened by the presence of christianity in SCs and STs. That is why this time SC and st votes went to YCP. Another important vote bank is BCs. Generally, this group has been in favor of tdp since the beginning. However.. due to Jagan's social engineering for several years, the BCs turned towards YCP. jagan gave a lot of support to the BCs during his rule. Corporations were formed and posts were distributedMy SCs, my STs, my BCs, and my minorities have brought these communities together. Not only that, In this election, BCs were given tickets on a large scale and fielded.

The effect of Jagan's pro-BC policy was evident in the election polling. This has become a big blow to TDP. The minorities who have been in favor of YCP since the beginning have become closer to ycp with the policy followed by Chandrababu. With Chandrababu's alliance with the bjp, even the minorities on that party's side have now defeated Jagan. This time the votes of the minorities fell heavily to the YCP. It can be said that the votes of Brahmins, Vaishyas, and Kshatriyas have lost a bit to YCP. Because these votes are mostly in urban areas, they are not very positive towards YCP. As a result, india Herald has learned that the majority of the votes in these categories have fallen into alliance. Not only that, Due to the influence of Hindutva due to the alliance of bjp with tdp, the votes of these castes went towards BJP. It has joined the coalition.

No one can become cm because of votes of any caste. However, the party that gets more caste approval in society has a better chance of victory. Now the same has happened in the case of YCP. Jagan's social engineering from the beginning has paid off. Although there is a feeling that the Reddys will be dominant in the ycp, it has been observed by the india Herald that the ycp is going to ring the bell of victory by including the rest of the majority castes. And we don't know what the voter's verdict will be on the 4th of next month.

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