Favorable change for YSP in Godavari districts..!?

- Jagan who gave more seats in the history of Shettibalijas.

- In Godavari districts, they have unalterable voting in BC.

- jagan divided the alliance by winning two MPs and three assembly seats.

Shettibalija is the largest caste among BCs in Godavari districts. As there are many castes in Andhra and telangana with the names of balija and Shettibalija, naturally some people have doubts about this Shetti balija caste. The Shetty Balijas consider Kallu Geetha's profession as admirable. But now many of them are in top positions in various fields. This caste is present in some parts of krishna and visakha districts along with East and west godavari districts. They have a brotherly relationship with the Eediga, Gauda, Yata, and Sri Sayana castes. For 100 years this caste has been continuing their name.

Generally speaking, this Shettibalija is a caste belonging to the Gauda sub-castes. And they are more in Godavari districts. Their influence is more in the narasapuram Parliament and Amalapuram Parliament. Also, they are more in kakinada and rajahmundry parliamentary seats. They have been staying mostly in telugu country since before. However, since 2019, Jagan's efforts to turn them towards him have been successful. In 2019, the rajahmundry seat was given to Margani Bharat, who belongs to the Gowda community, and he became an MP.

After jagan won in 2019, he gave the post of west godavari DCCB chairman and ZP chairman to Shettibalija. After that Kavaru Srinivas was given MLC. MLC was given to Kudipudi Suryanarayana Rao and kavuru Srinivas. This time Rajahmundry assembly seat was given to Margani Bharatram from the Gowda community, the Rajahmundry rural seat was given to Venugopala Krishna, a minister from the Shettibalija community, the Ramachandrapuram seat was given to Pilli Suryaprakash, son of Pilli Subhash.

Above all, the YSP sent Pilli subhash chandra Bose, who belongs to the Shettibalija caste, to the Rajya Sabha. Now Rajahmundry and narasapuram Parliament seats have also been allotted to this Shettibalija class. The Palakollu seat in the West was also given to gudala Gopi of Shetty balija class by YCP. As a result, the majority of this caste is now looking towards YCP. Only Vasamshetty Subhash in ramachandrapuram and Pitani Satyanarayana in Achanta were given from the same alliance. There is no real MP seat. However, this time there is a favorable change for YSP in Shettibalijas in Godavari districts.

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