Majority of voters in the Yadav community go to YCP..!?

- The Yadav clan has owned jagan since 2019.

- This time 2 MP and 4 mla tickets.

- mla tickets for workers in Mylavaram, Kanigiri

In this election in ap, there is a debate going on that whoever gets the votes of the BCs, whichever side they vote for, they have the power. If the SCs and STs are on Jagan's side, there is a lot of discussion that except for the Reddys among the upper castes, all the rest are also on the side of the alliance. It means that all those castes.. it cannot be said that one hundred percent will vote for the same party, but it is expected that the majority will vote here.. Calculations are going on.

But the strong Yadav social class in BC has become interesting as to where it is leaning this time. Yadav caste voters are 6.5 - 7 in ap as a whole. But since 2019, jagan has been focusing on the voters of this social class. And in this election, jagan simultaneously gave two parliamentary seats to the Yadav class. Narasa Raopet parliament seat, which was always given to OCs, was given to Anil Kumar Yadav, who was close to the former minister.

Minister Karumuri nageswara rao also gave the eluru parliament seat to his son Karumuri Sunilkumar. Among the assembly seats, Sarnala Tirupathirao Yadav, who is an ordinary JPTC, was given a seat in Mylavaram, and Daddala narayana rao Yadav, a Hanumanthunipadu JPTC, was given a seat in Kanigiri. Karumuri nageswara rao is contesting in tanuku and mla Burra Madhusudan Yadav is contesting in Kandukur. A total of 9 people got seats from the alliance. vamsi krishna Yadav from janasena in visakha South, Palla srinivas from tdp in Gajuwaka, Yanamala divya from tdp in Tuni, Putta Mahesh Yadav from tdp in eluru parliament, Parthasarathy from tdp in Nujiveedu, Putta Sudhaka from tdp in Maidukuru Mr. Yadav and Satyakumar Yadav from bjp are contesting in Dharmavaram. However, overall, this time it seems clear that the majority of voters in the Yadav community are on the side of YCP. It is seen in many places that they own Jagan who has increased their political importance.

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