Election polling is also over. But now the mention of prime minister Narendra Modi among the coalition parties is the same. The reason for this is the increase in voting. In fact, the polling percentage in the first three phases of the elections in the northern states has dropped exceptionally. There are speculations that this is against Modi. It is also in the campaign that this polling has given signs that those who want Modi are now decreasing.

If we look at the matter of ap in this background.. polling has increased here. Does this have anything to do with Modi? It became a big debate. If bjp brings up an argument about how Modi's arrival, his speeches, etc. have affected the ap elections, some of the alliance parties are bringing it up the next day. The reason for this is Modi's announcements. In ap, he did not mention much about the minority vote bank.. about their reservations.

However, top bjp leaders like amit shah have repeatedly said that they will cancel Muslim reservations in neighboring Hyderabad. Leaders of a class alliance say that this effect will fall on ap as well. Now, if jagan is not protected, there is an argument that the minorities will suffer. They said that this had an impact on the polling of the elections. But, the bjp leaders say that the people of ap have turned around because of Modi's arrival, polavaram and other promises made by him.

The fact is that Modi's influence on this election is more than his comments. In this, insulting jagan and insulting YSP are put aside.. The argument that the two-fourths approach is violated was seen only among the middle class people. Even during the last 2019 elections.. Modi who accused polavaram of corruption.. scolded Chandrababu. Now ycp is cursed. The only thing is... parties and leaders have changed. Analysts say that his business style has become negative because of this, he has lost his credibility. It remains to be seen how much this will affect the alliance.

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