Once upon a time chicken race was known to all in AP. That too.. sankranti lasted only for three days. Later.. later.. cricket betting came on the screen. After these are also over.. Betting for politics has spread. Due to this, whenever the elections are held, competition has started in recent times. news came that Paritala Sriram, who contested from raptadu in 2019, bet on the majority even more than winning.

However, he lost in that election. With this, the gamblers burned their hands. However, in the last elections, the competition was limited to only one or two constituencies, but now it has spread to 6 to 7 constituencies. It is known that in Pithapuram, which is the most hot topic, a bid of up to Rs.50 crores has been made. Apart from the fact that pawan kalyan will win here too, they bet on his majority.

Also, it is known that nara lokesh is in the ring in Mangalagiri. It is reported that he has won the majority. This time it has become an interesting thing that those in hyderabad are betting on Mangalagiri. According to the latest estimates.. Even here, there is a campaign going on that the bid has been made up to 50 crore rupees. Also, this time, it is special that the contest is being held in the constituencies of kuppam and Pulivendula.

The main reason for this is that due to Sharmila's campaign in Pulivendula, cm Jagan's majority has decreased Actor information. In both these constituencies, campaigning is going on as if the contest is under 10 crores. Also, contests were going on vigorously in the Nagari, Hindupuram, Anakapalli Parliament, and vijayawada Parliament constituencies. And who will win.. and who will lose?

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