It has been three days since the polling in andhra pradesh state. Which party has the expectations of that party in terms of victory. But it remains to be seen which party will win the kurnool Assembly Constituency while the debate is going on. It is noteworthy that this constituency is also one of the tough fight constituencies in the state. In kurnool, Bharat is contesting on behalf of Kutami while Imtiaz is contesting on behalf of YCP.
Political circles are talking that TG Bharat, the alliance candidate, has a chance of winning in this constituency with a slight majority. There is a chance of the coalition winning in the Bharat kurnool Assembly constituency with a majority of 5000, comments are being expressed on the social media platform. Although kurnool is the stronghold of ycp, TG Bharat has a good local reputation.
The fact that there is a large Muslim population in kurnool constituency is a plus for Imtiaz, but his campaigning as a non-local is a bit of a minus. ycp fans in the district are still getting information that Imtiaz has a chance of winning. There is some excitement about the result of kurnool constituency.
It is noteworthy that jagan also campaigned for Imtiaz to win in Kurnool. In 2014 and 2019 elections, the results were favorable to YCPK in this constituency. However, in recent times, the strengthening of alliance in this constituency and urban voters being against ycp is becoming a hot topic on social media. However, in the majority of the constituencies in the district, the results will be in favor of YCPK. It seems that jagan is also fixed that the results of kurnool and kadapa districts will be a plus for YCP.

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