It is known that pulivendula constituency is one of the prominent constituencies in the state of Andhra Pradesh. jagan got more than 90 thousand majority in pulivendula constituency in 2019 elections. But it is heard in political circles that he will break Jagan's majority. It is being spread that jagan will get a majority of more than one lakh in Pulivendu in this election.
And to know whether YS jagan will get a majority at that level, we have to wait for a few more days. Although the tdp leaders are trying hard to put brakes on Jagan's momentum to defeat jagan in Pulivendu, those dreams remain only dreams. YS jagan has risen one step higher in terms of career and succeeded in bringing ycp to power in the year 2019.
Jagan says that even in 2024 elections, ycp has definitely come back to power. According to the information received by the ycp, it seems that 60 to 65 percent of the women in the state are in favor of that party. According to the party, about 45 percent of the men also voted in favor of the party. According to these calculations, jagan is very confident that ycp will come back to power.
Some are commenting that the ycp leaders have confidence, while others are commenting that they are over-confident. It is known that polling was done in ap at a level that was not done in any other state in this election. Analysts say that ycp is giving a big shock to the alliance with its mind game. The announcements that jagan will take oath as cm for the second time on june 9 are shocking to the yellow team. It will be clear in a few days whether Jagan's statement will come true or not.

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