The TDP's lokesh period! In tdp, the Nara lokesh period has begun. Following the outcome of june 4, it is said that Nara Lokesh's involvement will be critical.
In tdp, the Nara lokesh period has begun. Following the results on june 4, it is said that Nara Lokesh's involvement will be significant. Since 2009, Nara lokesh has been involved in tdp electoral politics. However, he was the center of attention at that point. By Costa 2014, it was operational. Chandrababu, Nara Lokesh's father, used to discuss politics with him. 

With the tdp winning power in 2017, lokesh became an MLC and a minister with five ministries in Babu's cabinet. As the IT minister, he reportedly succeeded in his own unique way. Additionally, he was able to leave his mark in the panchayat raj division. Unexpectedly, lokesh lost the 2019 elections.

If you dig a little deeper, they claim that lokesh is winning the mangalagiri poll. He is predicted to receive a strong majority. Recent elections show that someone is winning with a minuscule majority. However, it's reported that lokesh will win a sizable majority. 

The tdp hierarchy is optimistic that lokesh will make an mla appearance this time. According to some, if lokesh wins and the tdp alliance wins power, lokesh will have the most significant position in the administration. There's a push going on that Chandrababu would only be given key departments. There are rumors that lokesh will retake control of the IT division. This time around, rumors have it, lokesh would be more involved in the government and telugu Desam Party. It is believed that lokesh has the upper hand in a sense. They claim that there's a potential lokesh will make things easy even if Chandrababu is the chief minister. 

Even though lokesh is getting near to becoming chief minister, it is not surprising that if the tdp wins this time, Lokesh's horoscope would also take off. This five-year tenure of the party is guaranteed to bring about some unforeseen happenings.

Aside from all of this, it is reported that Chandrababu, who is 75 years old, is practically done with elections. It is stated that if he puts in a lot of effort to get the party elected, lokesh will be tasked with the primary duty of keeping it that way for a very long period, meaning he will already be ten times busier. It is believed that Lokesh's job will be to lessen Chandrababu's overall influence over the party government's duties. Overall, the tdp campaign that Nara lokesh initiated is still going strong. We'll have to wait and see who wins on june 4 and what happens.  

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