There are many reports that jagan is once again going to ascend the CM's pedestal in Andhra Pradesh. At the same time, jagan also openly said that he will win more than 151 assembly seats and 22 parliamentary seats. If you look at Jagan's confidence in this way, you can see that he will definitely succeed. Before any political party enters the fray, it must take a survey of the risks associated with it. In this way, jagan also got to know in advance the things that come to him secretly through many survey organizations, the opposition to the government, the changes and additions in the case of MLAs. That's how they jumped into the election ring according to a plan. On the other hand, it can be said that tdp, janasena and bjp are coming together but jagan alone has won votes. Many political analysts say that these ten elements must come together for such Jagan. Let's see that now.
  sc, ST, Minority Reddy:
  When it comes to the votes of sc ST minority Reddy.. these are likely to fall completely to YCP.. This will increase the majority for YCP.

  Kapu Votes:
  In 2014, the Kapu votes went to the nda alliance. But in 2019 most Kapu votes went towards YCP. It seems that in 2024, any Kapu youth who have the influence of pawan kalyan will have their votes towards Jagan. Many surveys have said that they will fall for the alliance. jagan believes that the votes of the Kapus did not fall as much as they expected.
  Alliance Problems:
  It is good that bjp tdp Jana Sena is meeting but in terms of getting votes it can be said that there is no harmony between the three. Discrepancies in seat distributions may result in reduction of votes.
  jagan believes that due to this, the anti-YCP vote has split and turned into a plus.
  When sharmila came, there was excitement in the Congress. This is not a big effect. But in some contested constituencies, sharmila may be the reason.

  Welfare Schemes:
Beyond the schemes brought by jagan, Chandrababu introduced schemes. people don't seem to have much faith in his schemes.
  Land Titling Act :
They felt that it would be of great use to the alliance. tdp supported the implementation of this act in the assembly. This is promoted by ycp in another way. If Chandrababu comes, the land titles provided by the government will be cancelled, creating fear among the people.

  YSP government brought one volunteer for 50 people. So they influence many votes.
  Vote Increase:
  The increase in votes means both parties say a plus for us means a plus for us. But some people say that the increase in voter turnout is due to the distribution of money by both the parties. Voting has increased as women have participated more in the voting, so there is a possibility that ycp will be slightly favoured.
  Rural Votes:
  Although there is a lot of disadvantage among the rural people, the welfare schemes provided by them have reached every poor person.
New Voters:
  About 5 lakh new voters have increased in this election. And since many of these new voters are youth, they have already received many schemes from Jagan. It seems that the new voters have supported the ycp party.

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