Sachin Pilot's big claim after four phases of voting...

Former deputy cm of rajasthan and congress leader sachin pilot claimed on tuesday (May 14) that 'India' coalition government will be formed at the Centre. He claimed that his party would get more seats than bjp in both rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. General Secretary in-charge of chhattisgarh of AICC and former deputy chief minister of rajasthan said that a big change has come from the 2019 lok sabha elections, people have voted for real change this time.

In fact, while there are 25 lok sabha seats in rajasthan, there are 11 parliamentary constituencies in Chhattisgarh. Last time, congress did not get any seat in rajasthan and it got only two seats in Chhattisgarh. sachin pilot spoke to PTI news agency while campaigning for congress leader rahul gandhi in Rae Bareli, UP. During this, he also accused bjp of seeking votes in the name of religion. She said that she is doing this because she cannot ask for mandate on her performance.

'It is absolutely wrong to ask for votes in the name of religion'

sachin pilot further said that asking for votes in the name of religion is absolutely wrong. ram mandir was built on the orders of the supreme Court, which we all respect. We have always welcomed it, but not to seek votes in the name of religion. Urging the bjp to refrain from seeking votes in the name of religion, Pilot said that the bjp cannot seek votes on its performance, distribution and fulfillment of promises. That is why they have had to resort to Mangalsutra, temple-mosque and Hindu-Muslim politics etc.

The congress leader said that I think people have moved beyond this and they should talk on real issues and keep religion away from politics. Talking about his position after the four phases of voting, sachin pilot said that he feels that the candidates of congress and india Bloc are moving ahead. This is also reflected in the speeches of bjp leaders. Top bjp leaders are now making absurd statements and I think they have understood that people have voted against them. He said that this is an election for change, because people have had the same party government for 10 years and nothing has been achieved.

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