What did the girl who roamed the streets of guwahati dressed as Manjulika do?

A video has gone viral on social media. In the viral video, what Shillong-based social media Influencer Preeti Thapa did on the streets of guwahati by posing as Manjulika will surprise you too. people like bollywood movies very much. Many characters shown in films fascinate people.

Similarly, the character named Manjulika from Akshay Kumar's film Bhool Bhulaiya also attracted people's attention. Later many reels and memes were made regarding this.Manjulika's video has once again become popular on social media. This time Shillong based instagram Influencer Preeti Thapa is in the headlines who has danced fiercely on the streets of guwahati as Manjulika.

Preeti is wearing a green saree in the video. Not only this, she has also applied a lot of makeup on her face and has scattered her hair to look like Manjulika.The video has been shared on the social media reads 'Manjulika has been spotted in Guwahati'. Now more than 7 lakh people have liked the post and are also making funny comments about it. At the same time, many people are strongly criticizing Preeti by commenting.

Users criticized heavily

One user commented and wrote, 'Dear Manjulika, please follow the traffic rules' while another wrote, 'I don't know how people tolerate such madness'. While others wrote, 'People have become famous but still do not desist from ridiculous activities'.

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