'On june 4, both the princes will run away abroad' PM Modi said 

These people are unhappy with the construction of ram temple

PM Modi Speech in Pratapgarh: prime minister Narendra Modi has also targeted Congress. He said that due to being out of power, the treasury of Congress's black money has become empty. That's why he is worried.PM Modi Speech in Pratapgarh: prime minister Narendra Modi said on thursday that the treasury of Congress's black money has become empty, hence he is very worried. PM Modi also targeted rahul gandhi and akhilesh yadav during rallies in Jaunpur and Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh. He said that on june 4 (the day of election results) these two princes will run away abroad. Appealing to the public, Modi said that in this election they are getting an opportunity to elect such a prime minister for the country, on whom the world cannot dominate. One who runs a strong government and shows the strength of india to the world.

'After the defeat, both the princes will look for a scapegoat'

Prime minister Narendra Modi targeted rahul gandhi and akhilesh yadav without naming them during the lok sabha election rally in Pratapgarh. He said, 'The two princes are born in royal families, so they are not used to hard work. If you ask about the roadmap of their development, they say that it will be difficult. Hey, someone should tell them that the people of Rae bareli will also send them home just as bitter as Amethi had sent them. PM Modi said, 'On june 4, the public will form Modi's government. After that the INDI alliance will break and a scapegoat will be found to blame for the defeat. Be it the prince of delhi or Lucknow, both will run away abroad and only you and I, the countrymen, will be left.

'They raise questions on the army, talk about bringing back 370'

Modi said, 'These people raise questions on the bravery of the army. Are not ready to understand the company of mothers and sisters. We removed 370, they say they will rebuild the 370 wall. Then we will give roses to pakistan and fly white pigeons. Before 2014, this INDI alliance of SP-Congress had ruined the country. Even now they have a different formula for running the government. They will make five new PMs in 5 years i.e. they will give a new PM every year i.e. they will add Bhanumati's clan. Will they not ruin the country?

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