There are so many tainted candidates in the fifth phase of elections

know how many have immense wealth.

Four phases of lok sabha elections have been completed. Now the fifth phase of voting will be held on May 20.

After four phases of lok sabha elections, parties are now preparing for the fifth phase of elections. The round of accusations and counter-accusations against each other continues. Meanwhile, ADR report has come out regarding the leaders who are trying their luck in the fifth phase. In which it has been told that how many candidates contesting in the fifth phase have criminal cases registered against them and how many candidates have huge assets.

A total of 695 candidates are contesting in this phase. These include 14 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 13 in Maharashtra, 7 in West Bengal, 5 each in Odisha-Bihar, 3 in Jharkhand, 1 each in Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh. Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National election Watch have analyzed the election affidavits of all 695 candidates contesting in the fifth phase.

Case is going on against how many candidates?

According to the ADR report, in this phase 122 candidates have serious criminal cases registered against them. Four candidates have cases of murder and 28 have cases of attempt to murder. There are three candidates who have been convicted by the court. Cases are registered against 29 candidates under sections related to atrocities on women. A case has been registered against one of them under the section of rape. There are 10 candidates who are accused of giving inflammatory speeches.

How many tainted candidates in which party?

Five out of 10 Samajwadi party candidates have criminal cases registered against them. Three out of six from shiv sena, two out of four from AIMIM, 19 out of 40 from bjp, 8 out of 18 from Congress, three out of 7 from TMC, three out of 8 from shiv sena (UBT) and 5 from RJD. There are criminal cases registered against one candidate.

How many have crores of rupees?

The richest candidate in the fifth phase is anurag sharma from Jhansi, UP, whose total wealth is Rs 212 crore. Nilesh Bhagwan, who is contesting as an independent candidate from Bhiwandi seat in Maharashtra, has come second, in his affidavit he has declared assets worth Rs 116 crore. Union minister and bjp candidate piyush Goyal, contesting from mumbai North seat of Maharashtra, is the third richest candidate, his assets are worth Rs 110 crore.

227 candidates contesting in the fourth phase have declared their assets worth more than Rs 1 crore. The average assets of total 695 candidates is Rs 3.56 crore. 36 from bjp, 15 from Congress, 10 from SP, 6 from TMC, 6 from shiv sena (Shinde faction), 7 from shiv sena (Uddhav faction), 4 from BJD, 2 from ncp (Shadarchandra Pawar), 4 from RJD and 4 from AIMIM. Two candidates are millionaires.

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