Clarity on who will get how many seats in which region..!?

The election rush that has been going on in andhra pradesh for the last two to three months ended on May 13. But it must be said that the fire is still not extinguished in some constituencies. Especially in some areas, fierce competition between major parties is leading to factionalism. Otherwise, the issue of who will win how many seats has become viral, but now the latest Atmasakshi survey has given clarity on who will get how many seats in which region. In the recent elections in andhra pradesh, there was a ban on exit polls, but there was no ban on predictions. According to the latest Atmasakshi survey, out of 52 seats in Rayalaseema, 42 seats will go to the ycp party, 9 to the alliance, and 55 in South Coastal, Nellore, Ongole, guntur, Krishna, 38 to the ycp, 17 to the alliance. 34 for both Godavari districts. 20 for YCP. 14 for Kutami.. 34 for North Coast Uttarandhra.. 25 for YCP.. 9 for Kutami.

According to the Atmasakshi survey, out of 175 seats, 126 will be won by the ycp party and 49. In the same case if we look at district-wise..

1). Srikakulam-10 respectively..7 YCP..3 TDP

2). Vizianagaram-9 and -8 YCP..1 TDP.

3). Visakhapatnam-15 while YCP-10 and TDP-5

4). east Godavari-19.. 10 YCP-9 TDP.

5). West Godavari-15 respectively..10 YCP-5 TDP

6). 16 in Krishna..11 YCP-5 TDP

7). guntur 17 to 12 YCP-5 TDP

8). Prakasam-12..8 YCP-4 TDP

9). For 10 in Nellore..7 YCP..3 TDP

10). 9 ycp for 10 in Kadapa..1 TDP

11). In Kurnool, 14 and 12 are ycp and 2 are TDP

12). 14 in Anantapur..11 YCP..3 TDP

13). 14 in Chittoor..11 for YCP..3 for TDP

According to the Atmasakshi survey, 126 will come to ycp and 49 to TDP. This shows that exit polls are not the only prediction. In the same case in terms of percentage. ycp party will get 50% votes, tdp will get 46.2%. 2.2% voted for congress party, 1.1% for others. Due to this, there is a bit of fear among the tdp alliance leaders.

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