Sharad Pawar's attack, 'From PM Modi's recent statement...'

NCP (SP) chief sharad pawar claimed that the stance taken by prime minister Narendra Modi in recent times may increase communal disharmony in the country instead of bringing communities closer. sharad pawar was speaking at a rally for his party's candidate bhaskar Bhagare in Maharashtra's Dindori (ST) lok sabha constituency, where the bjp has fielded sitting mp and Union minister of State for health Bharti Pawar.

Sharad Pawar said, "Narendra Modi is the first prime minister of the country who has held a position that has increased communal disharmony between different religions and castes. I heard his speech in Nashik today and it was as per my expectations. He should have taken positions which will bring communities and religious groups closer."

On the statement of NCP-SCP chief sharad pawar, bjp candidate from patna Sahib lok sabha seat ravi shankar prasad said, "Sharad Pawar is a leader of very long experience. Does the Constitution of india give reservation on the basis of religion? But what do rahul gandhi and Lalu Yadav do?" It is said that baba Saheb Ambedkar, Nehru, Sardar patel all rejected that, today you are doing vote bank politics.

PM Modi, at a rally in the same constituency, had claimed that the congress had planned to allocate 15 per cent of the budget to Muslims during its rule at the Centre. sharad pawar also mentioned the shortage of water in the area. He said, there is an issue of water availability and its distribution in Nashik district. Some part of the available water is diverted towards Gujarat. He asked what the state leadership is doing about this?

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