After high court order, administration reached Jalore…

Administration and police officials had arrived on thursday (May 16) to remove the houses and fences built on the pasture (Oran) land of Odwada in Jalore district of Rajasthan. During this the villagers blocked the road. The women sat on the road in front of the bulldozer police vehicles. police and administration counseled the protesting people. Seeing the matter becoming more heated, the police called more force on the spot and the women and the protesting people were removed. The case starts, action is being taken to remove more than 150 houses and about 160 kutcha enclosures built on 35 acres of pasture land in Odwada village located on Barmer Road.

Action will be taken tomorrow to demolish encroachment

On May 7, the rajasthan high court had ordered the removal of houses built on pasture land. To remove the encroachment, the police team reached Odwada today at 7:00 am to the district administration. The administration has given time till tomorrow to remove the goods from the houses. The administration will again take action to demolish the encroachment on friday (May 17).

Many women were seen crying

Taking action by police and administration. The boundary of the house has been broken using JCB on the spot. electricity connections of some houses were cut. At many places, boundaries of houses were done. They are also being demolished. Many women were seen crying during the action, but following the order of the high court, the police and administration continued the action.

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