Aishwarya Rai Bachchan used to wake up at 5!!!

Bollywood actress aishwarya Rai is known for her brilliant acting. She puts life into every character of hers. Because of which his films also prove to be superhit. But this did not happen once. aishwarya had worked very hard for the film but the film did not work, after which the director himself apologized to her. For the shooting of this film, aishwarya had to apply mud on herself. aishwarya had talked openly about this in an interview.

The film of aishwarya rai bachchan we are talking about is Raavan. abhishek bachchan worked with aishwarya in this film. Both have worked together in many films. Aishwarya's look in this film is very simple instead of glamorous. For this also he had to work very hard.

Used to apply mud on herself

Aishwarya had told about her film Ravana in an interview given to PTI. She told that she used to wake up at 5 in the morning for the shoot, after which the scene preparation was done. You used to go fresh after taking a bath and then walk in filth. Mud had to be applied on the body and clothes had to be torn. Because of which we used to get wet.

Had to shoot twice

Aishwarya had told that the shooting of hindi and tamil versions of Ravana was done simultaneously. This was very challenging for her because first she used to shoot for the hindi version and then again after getting herself wet in mud, she used to shoot for the tamil version. Every scene had to be shot twice. Due to which she was emotionally and physically broken.

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