China's sudden decision..!? Alert India..!!

The issue of a trade war between the US and china is increasing day by day, and the US is already putting pressure on China such as the ban on tik tok and measures to stop the development of China's semiconductor chip industry. Meanwhile, the US government has increased tariffs on 14 goods imported from china to the US. As a result, china has started taking drastic decisions. With the US raising import duties on electric vehicles (EVs), batteries, and other new technology products imported from chinaIndia may become a dumping ground for Chinese goods, the Global Trade Research Initiative (GTRI) warned on Tuesday. "The US has raised import duties on electric vehicles, batteries, and many other new technology products, due to which China can sell these products at lower prices in other markets, including India. 

India-US trade can be greatly improved by increasing production and exports of on-demand goods at a time when the US has imposed excessive tariffs on Chinese goods," said ajay Srivastava, co-founder of GTRI. In a statement released by the GTRI organization, in fiscal 2024, China India and With a bilateral trade of 118.4 billion dollars, india has become its largest trading partner. It is said that china can target this segment and introduce cheaper products, and because india has imposed high import duties on face shields, needles medical gloves, and natural graphite, india can export its products abroad. The united states and the european union are taking steps to reduce their reliance on China. Srivastava said india should plan to counter China given its stagnant exports and rising imports from China.

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