Modi's unexpected comments on telugu heroine..??

Pan india heroine rashmika mandanna has bagged blockbuster hits with pushpa Animals movies. After these two movies, this star became one of the top indian heroines. This grandmother from the kannada industry has become a star heroine in Telugu. Now she is also sharing the bollywood industry where she is rushing with many movie opportunities. This lovely lady who spends most of her time in mumbai has made interesting comments about the mumbai Trans Harbor Link Bridge. A video was released and explained its features. The said bridge has reduced the journey of two hours to just 20 minutes.

This 21.8 km 6-lane elevated highway bridge is named "Atal Sethu". rashmika also posted about this and added a video. "The bridge is connecting the people and hearts of South india to North India.. West india to east India." She simply chirped the importance of this bridge. "Yes, the satisfaction that comes from bringing people together and improving their lives is more than anything else." 

Modi commented while quoting Rashmika's post. Rashmika's fans are happy with this unexpected reply from Modi . Because of rashmika, many people came to know about this India's longest sea bridge. In Rashmika's video, the highway lanes of this bridge can be seen, providing good visuals. It is really exciting that such a highway bridge is available in India. people wish for more such transport facilities to be made available. But rashmika said in that video that if development is voted for, hundreds of such bridges will be available . Many are commenting that rashmika may have said this as part of BJP's election campaign. However, this bridge will be built in seven years and the bjp government will be praised by all.


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